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by Dee
7 minutes

Treatment Price List 2020


Aromatherapy Massage

Indulgent massage with the added benefits and properties of plant essential oils combined with massage oil. An aromatherapy treatment can be either deeply relaxing or uplifting, depending on the blend of oils selected specifically for you.

90 mins: £45
60 mins: £35
45 mins: £28
30 mins: £22
30 mins - face, neck, shoulders & head: £22
30 mins - legs: £22

Hot Stones Therapy Massage

This massage promotes a deeper muscle relaxation through the use of hot stones. The heat will increase your sense of relaxation and calm, melting away tension, easing muscle stiffness and increasing circulation and metabolism.

90 mins: £45
60 mins: £35
30 mins: £25

Deep Tissue Massage

Using oils to ease muscle pain, stress relief or for relaxation and balance, this massage works and stretches the muscles, easing tightness and leaving you feeling tension free. Great for sports/running injuries and recovery.

60 mins: £40
30 mins: £25

Indian Head Massage

This seated Ayurvedic therapy treats upper back and arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. Helping to release tension causing headaches, eye strain and sinus problems.

30 mins: £25

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing massage designed to relieve the strains of pregnancy and for mums to be who are experiencing disturbed sleep, aches, pains and puffiness. From second trimester onwards.

90 mins: £45
60 mins: £35
30 mins: £25

Sinus Drainage Facial Massage

A wonderful massage for the face, this treatment combines the use of decongesting essential oils with pressure point techniques and drainage massage to help relieve pain and congestion.

30 mins: £20



An oriental foot therapy. Gentle pressure points massage is used to decongest, relieve tension and re-balance the body, leaving the mind in a state of total relaxation.

60 mins: £35
30 mins: £20

Ear Candling

A very gentle and relaxing treatment. Using only the very best Biosun candles, which produce heat that is wonderfully relaxing. The treatment is then followed by a facial massage, with sinus drainage, plus a shoulder and neck massage.

30 mins: £25


Essential Facial

Deeply cleanses, exfoliates, tones and moisturises. Leaves skin glowing and rejuvenated.
60 mins: £32

Express Facial

30 mins: £20

Spa Pamper Packages

Package 1 - 60 min Essential Facial & 30 min Reflexology: £45.

Package 2 - 30 min Express Facial & 30 min Reflexology: £35.

Package 3 - 30 min Neck, Back / Shoulder Massage & 30 min Reflexology: £35.

Package 4 - 30 min Sinus Drainage Facial Massage & 30 min Reflexology: £35.

Gel Polish Nails

Manicure - for Gel polish removal only £10

Express Gel Manicure - 60mins, file & buff, cuticle work & gel polish, nail oil: £20

Deluxe Gel Manicure - 90 mins, File & buff, soak, cuticle work, gel polish, exfoliate, intensive heat wrap,followed by a luxury hand and arm massage, nail oil: £30


Pedicure - for Gel polish removal only £10

Express Gel Pedicure - 45 mins File, buff & shape, cuticle work & gel Polish: £23

Deluxe Gel Pedicure - 90 mins Foot soak, foot rasp, exfoliate, nail file, buff & shape, cuticle work, gel polish, intensive heat wrap, luxury foot and lower leg massage, nail oil: £33


Lash lift - :£17.

Lash lift & tint - £25.

Brow tint only - £5

Lash tint only - £13


Using natural warm honey wax or Lavender & Calendula creme wax

Full leg - £15

Half leg - £10

Bikini - £10

Underarm - £10

Brows - £7

Lip/Chin - £5